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Aquamarine: The Color of Summer

Posted by on 7/13/2016 to Trends
What comes to mind when you think of summer? Perhaps it's a picnic in the park under a cloudless sky, or a chair on the beach overlooking pristine blue waters. Summer is full of vibrant colors, one of the most thought of being blue. Our favorite shade? Aquamarine. A color that's both cool and calming, it exudes the essence of summer. 

From gorgeous jewelry to refreshing tropical drinks, aquamarine is everywhere in summer's hot months. 

Its light, airy feel makes the aquamarine gem a favorite of designers and fashonistas in the summer season. Jewelry pieces that with another gem might seem heavy are boardwalk appropriate because of the natural feeling of aquamarine, reminiscent of the nearby ocean. One of the most amazing things about the color aquamarine is its ability to coordinate with and compliment so many other colors. An aquamarine ring accentuates the bright colors of a sarong or a printed summer maxi dress. 

Evoking pleasant reminders of trips to the beach and keeping with the cool feeling of the aquamarine color, summer party hosts often serve up refreshing punches highlighting the blues of summer. Mixed with sherbet or ice cream, punches are ideal for warm summer days. Below is one of our favorite family friendly recipes for a fun blue punch that can be adapted for any color and flavor throughout the year. 

- 1 package blue flavored drink mix 
- 1 bottle limon-lime soda
- 1 bottle white cranberry or grape juice
- 8 scoops vanilla ice cream
- sugar to taste

- Stir together all liquids in a large punch bowl, taste and add sugar if necessary
- Scoop in ice cream, it will slowly melt creating a beautiful aquamarine color
- Enjoy!