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Garnet: January Stone of the Month

Posted by on 1/11/2017 to Gemstone Spotlight
The garnet is January's birthstone, the state mineral of Connecticut, New York's official gemstone and the star garnet is the state gemstone of Idaho. Known mostly for its deep, lush red color the garnet can also occur naturally in shades of green, yellow and orange. The stone is thought to get its name from the Latin word for seed (granate) due to its similarity to pomegranate seeds. Red garnets were the most commonly used gemstones of the Late Antique Roman world, often inlaid in gold to create detailed scenes, a technique called Garnet Cloisonné. 

Popular crystal lore hails the garnet as the gemstone of regeneration and energizing - protecting wearers from bad karma and evil. It is also recognized as a stone symbolizing increasing commitment, honesty, hope and faith. 

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