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Garnet: January Stone of the Month

Posted by on 1/11/2017 to Gemstone Spotlight
Known as January's birthstone and the gem that celebrates the 2nd anniversary of marriage, garnet is primarily recognized by a deep red color. 

Sapphire: September Stone of the Month

Posted by on 9/7/2016 to Gemstone Spotlight
Rich blue hues and brilliant sparkle are the hallmarks of September's birthstone, the sapphire. The sapphire has notably been representative of loyalty, trust, purity and protection.

Yellow, White and Rose Gold - What's the Difference?

Posted by on 8/25/2016 to News
At Colombian Emeralds International we pride ourselves on the wide range of jewelry available; pieces to fit every style and personality. With the customer in mind, our exclusive CEI collection has jewelry made of yellow, white and rose golds - separately or combined in one piece. The purity, the percentage of pure gold in the jewelry, is the determinate of value, not its color. Therefore choosing a setting is primarily dependent on style and color preferences. 

Aquamarine: The Color of Summer

Posted by on 7/13/2016 to Trends
What comes to mind when you think of summer? Perhaps it's a picnic in the park under a cloudless sky, or a chair on the beach overlooking pristine blue waters. Summer is full of vibrant colors, one of the most thought of being blue. Our favorite shade? Aquamarine. A color that's both cool and calming, it exudes the essence of summer. 

Pearl: June Stone of the Month

Posted by on 6/22/2016 to Gemstone Spotlight
The pearl is one of June's three birthstones. It is the only gem to come from a living sea creature. These lovely gems have been used for centuries as jewelry and clothing adornments. 

Diamond: April Stone of the Month

Posted by on 4/6/2016 to Gemstone Spotlight
For lucky babies born in April, your birthstone is the diamond. Thought to be one of the hardest substances on the globe, diamonds date back billions of years and make the ultimate gift for a loved one. 

Choosing a Wedding Band

Posted by on 2/9/2016 to Gemstone Spotlight

Traditionally a simple band, often with gemstones, your wedding band is a compliment to your engagement ring – but that doesn’t mean it can’t shine as a statement piece on its own.  

Check out some of our favorite choices for unique wedding bands.

Planning the Perfect Engagement

Posted by on 1/5/2016 to Trends
So you’ve found the one, congratulations! The first thing after deciding to ask that special girl to spend the rest of her life with you is to figure out how. Think about what she likes. If she loves over the top, romantic comedy style grand gestures you might be renting a hot air balloon. Maybe she’s more low-key and a lovely, intimate dinner will create the perfect setting.

Topaz: November Stone of the Month

Posted by on 11/17/2015 to Gemstone Spotlight
November’s birthstone is topaz. Naturally occurring in a variety of colors, topaz is reputed to increase understanding, enhance creativity, bring relaxation, and restore energy. Topaz is also the fourth anniversary gemstone.