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Location Spotlight: Aruba

Posted by on 7/25/2016 to Stores
Aruba is a tiny, former Dutch colony off the coast of Venezuela. European influence is evident throughout its towns, where Dutch gables mix with tropical pastels, and the island's gentle surf and white sand beaches attract visitors year-round. Due to its location, Aruba experiences more sunny days throughout the year than any other island in the Caribbean. The warm weather allows visitors to spend the entire day outside; on the beach, in the ocean, shopping at local boutiques and enjoying everything Aruba has to offer. 

The word Aruba means 'red gold.' Early visitors to the island were gold miners, these days visitors can find gold in the jewelry stores that populate the cosmopolitan streets of Aruba alongside local boutiques. Colombian Emeralds International has five locations on the island, all with friendly, dedicated staff excited to help you choose your new favorite piece - and make recommendations about must do activities while on the island. 

The people who make Aruba their home are known for their bright smiles and welcoming attitude. Most speak at least four languages, including English and Spanish so communication is rarely an issue. An exposure to a wide variety of cultures had a profound impact on developing the identity of Aruba, most visibly reflected in the cuisine, with local dishes like gouda-glazed keshi yena served alongside South American and European favorites. From fine dining restaurants to simple fish shacks on the beach, Aruba offers an option for everyone. 

Great for families or romantic getaways, Aruba's beaches are the main attraction for its thousands of yearly international visitors. With beautiful sand and clear water, there are beaches of every shape and size. Eagle Beach on the eastern side of Aruba was voted by Trip Advisor as one of the "Top 10 Beaches in the World." The widest beach on the island, visitors can enjoy the shaded picnic area, the pristine sand or a variety of water sports. Each year four species of turtle travel to Eagle Beach to nest - watching the hatchlings find their way to the ocean is a magical experience not many get to enjoy. Stay late one evening and catch a spectacular sunset. Many tour groups also offer sunset sailing tours for those who want a romantic evening cruise. 

Looking for something more exciting? The island is known internationally for its water sports, especially snorkeling, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Gear is available at many of the beaches around the islands, as are lessons for beginners. A visit to Arikok National Park, which covers approximately 20 percent of the island, is a great place to spend the day.  Book a guided hiking tour to best experience Aruba's dramatic landscapes and learn about its endemic animal and plant species. An insider tip: make sure to take time to visit the Natural Pool!