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Planning the Perfect Mother's Day

Posted by on 4/29/2016 to Trends
Mother's Day is almost here and it's time to put some serious thought into honoring mom. Who knows you better than mom? Now it's time to show her you've been paying attention too, give a gift that will leave a lasting impression. 

Mother's Day presents can range from breakfast in bed, to flowers, to jewelry. It's up to you to decide what token of appreciation you're giving this year. Work with your siblings, and even your dad to pick out a gift or activity that she will truly cherish.

Start off the day with breakfast in bed and a handwritten card. Try to remember how she takes her coffee and wake her up with a sweet surprise. Go all out with pancakes and bacon or even a frittata, or keep it simple with delicious pastries. On the note include details about one of your favorite days spent together and a special poem you wrote (or found online). 

If your mother has been redoing the house, or loves to keep personal items in her office find a cute home accessory. A framed picture or small container to hold keys/rings/paper clips is perfect for an end table or desk. Find out her favorite flowers and arrange them in a pretty new vase. 

Look at her jewelry and figure out what style she likes. Is she classic? Opt for a simple bracelet like this one:

More of a whimsical personality? How about this beautiful necklace?

 What moms really want on Mother's Day is to feel a little extra special. Whether you're going all out with a full day of activities, or showing her you care through thoughtful little touches, she'll appreciate the demonstration of love. And don't forget about your grandmothers! An extra phone call or visit may seem small but it won't go unnoticed. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! We hope you have a wonderful day.