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Something Old, Something New...

Posted by on 3/8/2016 to Trends

We’ve taken you through the perfect proposal, and shown you amazing engagement and wedding rings. Now it’s the week of the big day and for good luck you want to fulfill the old adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” These tokens are usually small personal treasures, unique to each bride and rarely obvious to the guests. They can be part of the bride’s attire, or incorporated into the wedding celebration. 

While we can’t help you procure a sixpence, for the rest we’ve got some ideas!

Something old

-       Lace from a grandmother’s wedding dress/veil

-       Sew pearls or beading from your mother’s dress on to yours

-       Incorporate photos from family members’ weddings

Something new

-       Wedding jewelry gifted from friends/family or your (almost) husband

o   Glamorous diamond necklace

o   Statement earrings like these

Something borrowed

-       A small token from someone who’s marriage is inspiring such as jewelry, a cuff link

-       Hair accessory

-       Beautiful china from a friend or family member

Something blue

-       Have your new initials stitched in blue into your gown

-       Include blue into your bouquet, whether as a flower or as your father’s tie wrapped around the stems

-       Gorgeous sapphire jewelry, like these pieces on our website 


These tokens are meant to bring good luck, so choose items that are connected to happy memories. One item can represent multiple categories – your grandmother’s bracelet may be both old and borrowed.