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Summer Vacation Destinations

Posted by on 5/19/2016 to News
Summer is fast approaching, for some it might already be here. The kids are out of school and it's time to use some of those vacation days you have been saving up. This year instead of the typical visit to the amusement park or a road trip down the coast, try somewhere new. The Caribbean has sparkling blue waters and fun activities that will please every family member - from water sports to shopping and spa treatments. What do all of these destinations also have in common? A Colombian Emeralds International store, where you can purchase the perfect reminder of an extraordinary vacation. 

Curacao's warm waters are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Walk around old town Willemstad, the capital that will make you think you've stepped into the Netherlands due to the brightly colored buildings. Rarely effected by rain, you'll have to jump into the beautiful blue waters surrounding the island to cool down. This is one of the Caribbean's hidden gems. 

Roatan offers travelers the unique opportunity to explore the jungle. Well-known for the incredible snorkeling at their barrier reef, the island also has a number of ecotourism parks. Activities on land include zip lining or guided hikes on suspension bridges and pathways. Roatan doesn't have a main bar and club area, so it's ideal for a quiet, laid-back family vacation. 

The wonderful beaches of St. Kitts remain relatively crowd-free, and nature lovers can delight in seeing lava formations, tropical forest and lagoons. Hike to the top of a dormant volcano or relax on the white sand beaches, it's your escape from the every day. Like most Caribbean islands, make sure to eat your fill of fresh seafood, fished from the island's waters.