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Topaz: November Stone of the Month

Posted by on 11/17/2015 to Gemstone Spotlight

November’s birthstone is topaz. Naturally occurring in a variety of colors, topaz is reputed to increase understanding, enhance creativity, bring relaxation, and restore energy. Topaz is also the fourth anniversary gemstone.

Rough topaz crystals are typically elongated, so topaz stones are usually cut into oval or pear shapes. Coming in both warm and cool tones, topaz’s most coveted color is a reddish orange known as imperial topaz. As a pleochroic crystal, topaz can display different colors in different crystal directions. The stones can also be treated to take certain colors, often blue, as colorless topaz is plentiful in nature.

Topaz can take such a high polish that it feels slippery to the touch. It is also one of the world’s largest crystals – sometimes being measured in kilos, not carats.

At Colombian Emeralds International we love the blue tones of this gem, which invoke images of the clear blue waters surrounding many of our stores.