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Yellow, White and Rose Gold - What's the Difference?

Posted by on 8/25/2016 to News
At Colombian Emeralds International we pride ourselves on the wide range of jewelry available; pieces to fit every style and personality. With the customer in mind, our exclusive CEI collection has jewelry made of yellow, white and rose golds - separately or combined in one piece. The purity, the percentage of pure gold in the jewelry, is the determinate of value, not its color. Therefore choosing a setting is primarily dependent on style and color preferences. If you are looking for a present, consider the recipient's personal style, lifestyle and which type of stone will be in the setting. The percentage of pure gold is measured in karats (diamond weight is measured in carats), 100 percent pure is 24k. However most jewelry is made with either 18k or 14k because combining pure gold and another metal increases its strength, as it is naturally a soft metal. 

Yellow Gold
Most similar in color to pure gold, yellow gold is commonly a mixture of pure gold with either zinc or copper. Of the three types of gold, it is the most malleable and therefore easiest for jewelers to manipulate when creating settings. It needs to be cleaned and polished regularly to maintain its brilliant color. Historically yellow gold was the most popular metal used for engagement rings and wedding bands, making it an ideal choice for vintage style settings. It is also the color associated with winning, of example as plating for the first place Olympic medals.
White Gold
Pure gold and some combination of silver, palladium and nickel creates white gold. Nickel provides the strength needed for a durable setting that will last. A slight yellow tint is still present, so many pieces of white gold jewelry are plated with a thin layer of rhodium. Cleaning and polishing regularly is necessary, and to retain color and luster white gold should be re-dipped every few years. This color has gained popularity in recent years, serving as a less expensive but equally beautiful alternative to platinum. It pairs beautifully with white diamonds, invoking a sophisticated almost mono-chromatic style. 
Rose Gold
To create rose gold, pure gold is mixed with copper in varying quantities. The more copper introduced to the pure gold base, the deeper the pinkish tint. It is the strongest of the three colors of gold, but still requires regular cleaning. Rose gold is said to have been initially created in 19th century Russia and has since made a resurgence in popularity, especially with rings. Its color gives a romantic feeling to jewelry because its soft, rosy tones that compliment all skin tones. 
Still not sure which gold you prefer? Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help find the piece best for your lifestyle and preferences. Shop our exclusive collection of jewelry in stores, or online here.