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Summer Vacation Destinations

Posted by on 5/19/2016 to News
Summer is fast approaching, for some it might already be here. The kids are out of school and it's time to use some of those vacation days you have been saving up. This year instead of the typical visit to the amusement park or a road trip down the coast, try somewhere new. The Caribbean has sparkling blue waters and fun activities that will please every family member! 

Pantone Spring 2016 Wedding Colors

Posted by on 5/11/2016 to Trends
Pantone released their wedding color picks for spring and summer 2016; ten shades that cover the spectrum from sunny yellows to rich blues. We've put together ideas for how to incorporate each of these colors into your wedding (though we don't suggest using all ten on your big day). From presents for your bridesmaids to table decor, it's easy to add touches of your color of choice to various aspects of your wedding.